The Hip-Hop Gospel is a FREE verse-by-verse rhyming script of the Gospel of Luke. 24 Chapters, 1300 rhyming couplets, and 32000 words of pure genius.

"Marvellous and original"

St John Donald
MD of United Agents

"Impressive! 10/10!"

Rowan Williams
Former Archbishop of Canterbury

"A masterpiece!"

The Guardian

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Chris Evans
BBC Radio 2

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Mark Russell
CEO Children's Society

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The Huffington Post

“Pure genius... stayed close to the story from Luke’s gospel without losing any of its impact” 

Julie Etchingham

“An absolute winner – innovative and exciting"

Paul Carr
Anglican Minister

Love your enemies credibly and give them your best
To the haters do good and let your cursers be blessed

I say today you gotta pray for the crew that mistreat you
For the cheaters and deceiters that defeat and beat you

The Hip-Hop Gospel 6:27b-28a


The Gospel narrative like you've never heard it before...


The Hip-Hop Gospel isn't just for young people. It appeals to both young and old (and those of us in-between!)


The Gospels were always written to be read out loud. The Hip-hop Gospel captures the imagination of listeners in a new and exciting way.


The Hip-Hop Gospel uses language that people can connect with. Its clever rhymes use alliteration and rhymes within rhymes.

Performance Script

The Hip-Hop Gospel is designed to be performed. Character parts are colour highlighted and syllables that fall on the beat are underlined to make it easier to read.


The Hip-Hop Gospel is a verse-by-verse translation. If you can find the verse in your regular Bible, you can find it in The Hip-Hop Gospel.

Chapters, Scenes, and Stories

Each Chapter is divided into Scenes and each Scene is divided into Stories. This makes it easy to find your way around the text.

Time to express an address from the wilderness
Shouting out from the desert with flow finesse

Get yourself ready for the coming of the Regent
Clear the street with red carpet treatment

The Hip-Hop Gospel 3:4


The Hip-Hop Gospel script is available to download FREE.

The Hip-Hop Gospel is also available for Kindle from the Amazon store.

Who is Rev Gav?

Rev Gav is a poet, priest, and performer. He's also a pretty nifty beatboxer! He's beatboxed and performed The Hip-hop Gospel all over the world.

Rev Gav is a pioneer. He created the world's first Beatboxing Video Tutorials and he's been a regular judge at the World Beatboxing Championships. He also pioneered Beatboxology, a method for describing Beatboxing sounds.

Rev Gav is currently Associate Priest of St. Mark's Church in Bermuda where he serves a lovely, faithful, local congregation.