The Hip-Hop Gospel is FREE!

What??? You’re kidding right??? No, I’m not kidding. Firstly, thank you to those that bought previous editions of the Hip-Hop Gospel. Your support was and is appreciated (and the pennies came in handy).

So why now make it free? Well… tbh… I was sitting in bed, praying, and I want to serve God and honour him. It is my offering of worship to my Lord, and my free gift to you. I felt God encourage me to write it and so I want it to be both a resource and blessing to others.

But there are a few terms and conditions…

The script is available for personal, non-commercial use – for you, your schools, and your churches – so feel free to make audio/video and put it out there. Please don’t re-publish or share the work in its entirety without my permission – that wouldn’t be fair. Oh, and please don’t make money from it – in any way or form – without negotiating a license with me. The Hip-Hop Gospel is there to be enjoyed, used, and shared.

Please do get in touch and let me know how you’ve used the text! I’d love to hear!

Heaps of Peace

Rev Gav, Christmas 2021.